Statelessness at the 54th UNSC

The International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics were sucessfully endorsed at the 54th UN Statistical Commission.

Statistical Inclusion at the 54th UNSC

On the 1st March 2023, the World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement, in collaboration with the EGRISS, held a side event on statistical inclusion.

3rd International Forum on Migration Statistics

On 24-26 January 2023, EGRISS participated in the IFMS, with forced displacement and official statistics as central to the discussions.

2022 EGRISS All Members Meeting

On 12-14 December 2022, EGRISS held an All Members Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

SICA Regional Workshop

On 16 and 17 November 2022, SICA and EGRISS members co-organised an in-person workshop with representatives from the Technical Group on Migration and Displacement of the CENTROESTAD.

Implementation examples


Since the endorsement of the International Recommendations on Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons Statistics (IRRS and IRIS), the EGRISS Secretariat has been monitoring their implementation at national, regional and global levels. Over 100 examples of planned, ongoing or completed initiatives have been identified so far. Discover more about how the recommendations are being implemented.


examples of concrete implementation

UN Statistical Commission

Expert Group on Refugee, IDP and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS)


The United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC), at its 47th session in 2016, established the Expert Group on Refugee, IDP and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS) with the initial mandate to develop International Recommendations on Refugee Statistics (IRRS). EGRISS’ mandate was later extended to develop the International Recommendations on Internally Displaced Persons Statistic (IRIS) and a Compilers’ Manual. Currently, EGRISS is implementing its third mandate, focusing on the implementation of both sets of recommendations at national, regional and international levels as well as the development of the International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics (IROSS). EGRISS is a multi-stakeholder group comprised by members from 55 national authorities and 35 regional and international organizations.