Technical Subgroup 2:
Methodological Research and Guidance Development

Subgroup 2 brings members together to advance EGRISS’ methodological goals and ensure relevant guidance is available to support countries to implement the IRRS, IRIS and IROSS. The group’s main objectives are: 

  • Identify and research any methodological gaps that hinder the direct application of the IRRS/IRIS/IROSS in statistical production (including through the development of methodological research papers) 
  • Ensure the continued up-to-dateness, useability and relevance of the EGRISS Compilers Manual (CM)  

Within the framework of the group’s global workplan, members work in small Task Teams to develop collective outputs.

Some of the recent outputs include:

Current task teams work on: 

  • Expansion of Compiler’s Manual to reflect the new IROSS. 
  • Methodological paper on maturation of the IRIS composite measure for overcoming key displacement-related vulnerabilities 
  • Methodological paper on statistical definition of host community 
  • Methodological paper on capturing 12 priority SDG indicators in forced displacement contexts  
  • Methodological paper on standardizing the IRIS “progress measure” indicators.

    Members of the subgroup:

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