Technical support

EGRISS third mandate includes strengthening statistical capacity of national statistical systems, relevant regional institutions and international organizations/UN agencies and facilitate and coordinate technical support as needed to enable wider implementation of the Recommendations and the use of the Compilers’ Manual to produce, analyze and disseminate quality statistics on refugees and IDPs. It also includes functioning as a pool of technical experts which can be drawn upon in the provision of technical support and capacity building activities.

As part of its activities of on-the-ground support, EGRISS received three formal requests for technical assistance from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSS), Somalia National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) and the Kurdistan Regional Statistics Office (KRSO) to implement the IRIS. EGRISS through SG2 is responding to all three. Requests for technical support are open to all institutions of national statistical systems (NSSs) working in the area of forced displacement or interested to strengthen their engagement in this area. Please contact the EGRISS Secretariat at [email protected] if your institution intends to submit a request and/or is interested to learn more.


technical support

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