EGRISS’ work is overseen by a Steering Committee currently comprised of 14 members. The Steering Committee oversees and guides the expert group’s activities and collectively makes key strategic decisions on behalf of the group. A high-level meeting of the Steering Committee is planned on an annual basis to complement the existing Steering Committee platform. This forum will bring together senior representatives of the institutions that sit on our Steering Committee with the objective of strengthening EGRISS’ ability to further our common agenda to improve official statistics on refugees, IDPs and stateless persons.

In addition, activities are undertaken by the broader membership, organized as thematic subgroups, each one responsible for the implementation and coordination of activities and providing a platform for information sharing and exchange. Each subgroup is co-led by EGRISS members, who coordinate the work within each thematic area. The Steering Committee and subgroups benefit from support and coordination of the EGRISS Secretariat, hosted by UNHCR.

governance diagram