Technical Subgroup 1:
Regional Engagement and Capacity Development

Subgroup 1 brings members together to advance EGRISS’ capacity development goals with a view to supporting the implementation of the IRRS, IRIS and IROSS. The group’s main objectives include: 

  • Function as a platform of displacement and statelessness statistics experts or information sharing and coordination on capacity development at global, regional and national level on the IRRS, IRIS and IROSS. 
  • Map opportunities, existing platforms and interests from EGRISS members to promote capacity development activities to implement the IRRS, the IRIS and the IROSS.  
  • Promote the implementation of capacity development activities at regional and country level, making use of the methodologies and tools provided by EGRISS. 
  • Develop and update a tool kit of EGRISS materials for capacity development purposes. 
  • Reinforce a collaborative approach to improving displacement and statelessness statistics. 


In addition to a global workplan, relevant activities are organized through the following regional Task Teams, with their respective focal points:  

Members of the subgroup:

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TSG 2:
Methodological Research and Guidance Development