Methodological refinement

To complement existing guidance in the IRRS, IRIS and the Compilers’ Manual, work is needed to fill key methodological gaps. EGRISS, under the leadership of Subgroup 3, is actively working on collectively identified topics through research, piloting and expert dialogue, that will ensure the recommendations remain relevant and fit for purpose. More specifically, EGRISS is working to: 

  • Complete the ‘composite measure for overcoming key displacement-related vulnerabilities’ proposed in the IRIS. The composite measure is intended to support producing official statistics on internal displacement by measuring a key exit from the IDP stock. Since the endorsement of the IRIS, further testing, consultation, and analysis were required to further refine the measure. Subgroup 3 is responsible for taking this challenging work forward to make it a fully workable statistical instrument.
  • Developing standardized question and indicator specifications to complement the IRRS and IRIS classifications and thematic recommendations, on:
    • Identification questions for refugees and refugee-related populations. 
    • Identification questions for IDPs and IDP-related populations.
Methodological refinement

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