Compilers’ Manual

The EGRISS Compilers’ Manual (CM) offers clear technical guidance  to support countries to improve official statistics on refugees, IDPs and related populations. It complements the content  of the International Recommendations on Refugee Statistics (IRRS) and the International Recommendations on Internally Displaced Persons Statistics (IRIS) by providing hands on guidance for practitioners working in National Statistical Offices and other relevant institutions.

The CM is a ‘living document,’ which will be periodically revised and enhanced as the body of expertise and knowledge develops worldwide. While a first draft of the CM was presented and formally welcomed by the UNSC (Decision 51/116) in 2020, in 2023 an updated version has been published. Future updates aim to include the International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics (IROSS) and further lessons leant.

The 2023 edition was revised by EGRISS’ Technical Subgroup on ‘Methodological Research and Guidance Development’ and is structured around a series of Use Cases (see links below) which cover most scenarios in which National Statistical Offices will consult the IRRS and IRIS:

A. Including refugees or IDPs in a population census

B. Including refugees in a sample survey of the national population, or running a stand-alone survey of refugees

C. Including IDPs in a sample survey of the national population, or running a stand-alone survey of IDPs

D. Using Government administrative data

E. Sources of operational data from humanitarian organisations

F. Non-traditional data sources

G. Coordinating and planning refugee and IDP statistics in national statistical systems.

Case Study examples of good practice in the production of refugee and IDP statistics, provided by EGRISS members, are interwoven throughout the manual.

For most users of the manual, it will be self-explanatory which Use Case to refer to and user can choose to download individual use cases (please click on the links below) or access the entire manual. For statisticians who are planning to improve data on refugees or IDPs but who do not have a specific data source in mind, Table G.1 (paragraph 228) may serve as a suitable starting point.


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