Asia-Pacific Stats Café: Statelessness

Launching a Global Consultation

On the 24th October 2022, the EGRISS Secretariat organised an Asia and Pacific Stats Café session on “Developing Statistical Recommendations on Statelessness: Launching a Global Consultation”. The event raised awareness of the International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics (IROSS) and served to formally launch the global consultation on the recommendations. National Statistical Offices (NSOs) were encouraged to participate in the global consultation and provide their input on the recommendations. In addition, the session showcased the experiences of Rwanda and the census that was recently conducted in the country. The presentation highlighted how the census worked to better include stateless populations to improve statelessness statistics in Rwanda.

The Stats Café was moderated by Rachael Beaven, Director, Statistics Division, UN ESCAP and included presentations from Venant Habarugira, Director of Census, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda and Natalia Baal, Head of the EGRISS Secretariat.

Resources from the session: