Statelessness at the 54th UNSC

28th February – 3rd March 2023

The International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics (IROSS) were unanimously endorsed at the 54th session of the UN Statistical Commission (UNSC). The successful endorsement of the recommendations marks a significant milestone in the EGRISS’ trajectory, as it represents the third set of international recommendations developed by the group. The endorsement of the IROSS was supported by 16 written and oral statements of support, including from the Africa and Western Asia groups.

Ahead of the endorsement of the recommendations, the EGRISS Secretariat organized a side event at the 54th UNSC entitled “Making the Invisible Visible: Developing International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics”. The event drew attention to statistics on statelessness and the potential of the IROSS to strengthen statistics on this vulnerable population in the spirit of Agenda 2030.

The presentations comprised a wide range of perspectives, including from the Philippines and UN Economic Commission for Africa, who spoke to the current statelessness statistical practices and the potential of the IROSS to support efforts to improve data on stateless populations. In addition, remaining interventions informed participants of the collaborative process of developing the recommendations and the implications of the IROSS on UNHCR’s statistical reporting on statelessness.

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