Improving official statistics on stateless people: Challenges, solutions, and the road ahead

Journal/Publisher: Statistics Journal of the IAOS, IOS Press

Statelessness is the situation of people who are not considered as nationals of any State. The disadvantages of not having a nationality can be severe, as stateless people typically lack access to the socio-economic and political rights enjoyed by citizens One of the biggest challenges facing advocates is the lack of reliable statistics about statelessness.

In order to help address this data gap, a number of actors under the umbrella of the Expert Group on Refugee, IDP and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS) are now collaborating to produce International Recommendations on Statelessness Statistics (IROSS). This paper summarizes the progress made to date by the EGRISS in preparing this new set of recommendations for consideration by the UN Statistical Commission.

International Recommendations on Refugee Statistics (IRRS)