CEA-CEPAL Regional Sessions on International Recommendations

EGRISS members co-organized  a series of online sessions with the Knowledge Transmission Network of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) and held on the 25th May, 29th June and 20th July 2023. The sessions introduced the International Recommendations on Statistics on Refugees, IDPs and Stateless Persons. Access further details on the sessions via this link.

Participants included National Statistical Office personnel from the Latin America and the Caribbean region, as well as government officials.

Practical examples and lessons learnt from the recommendations’ implementation were presented, with facilitators including representatives from the National Statistical Offices of Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Norway, to regional institutions (SICA) and international organisations (JIPS, IOM and UNHCR).

The initiative built on the regional process, started in 2018 and strengthened in 2022, towards the inclusion of refugees and IDPs in official statistics.