ISWGHS Webinar on Identifying Refugees and IDPs in Household Surveys

The Webinar on Identifying Refugees and IDPs in Household Surveys, held on October 17, 2023, was a collaborative effort by EGRISS, the Inter-Secretariat Working Group on Household Surveys (ISWGHS) and the Global Network of Data Officers and Statisticians. The event focused on the Methodological paper and ‘use cases’ in EGRISS’s recently revised Compilers’ Manual .

It explored data elements and questions for identifying refugees and IDPs, along with their connections to established frameworks like the International Recommendations on Refugee Statistics (IRRS) and the International Recommendations on IDP Statistics (IRIS). The webinar featured insightful presentations from the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office,  Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement,  and the Secretariat.

Over 130 participants had a valuable opportunity to discuss various approaches for integrating these data elements into future household surveys, including customization and integration in major household programs. The event also highlighted the technical support available to National Statistical Offices (NSOs) from EGRISS for the integration of identification questions into national surveys.

Relevant Resources:

Webinar recording