UNECE-EGRISS Regional Workshop & Expert Meeting on Migration Statistics

6th May 2024

EGRISS members co-organized a Workshop on Refugee, IDP and Statelessness Statistics, on 6th May 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland. The event brought together interested UNECE member states alongside co-organisers from UNECE, IOM and UNHCR to discuss the implementation of the International Recommendations on Statistics for Refugees, IDPs and Stateless Persons. The event capitalized on the regular meeting of the UNECE Group of Experts on Migration Statistics who met during the 7-8th May. 

Participants in both events primarily included National Statistical Office personnel from 33 European, Central Asian and North American countries, as well as other government officials and representatives from inter-governmental bodies, UN agencies and NGO partners (8 organisations). 

During the workshop, examples from countries making use of the recommendations in practice were presented, including presentations from Armenia, Republic of Moldova, Germany and Kyrgystan that concerned census and survey activities.  Others shared both experiences and plans to improve national statistics on these vulnerable population groups, including through enhanced statistical cooperation and use of administrative data sources. Participants split into small groups to share further ideas and identify opportunities for enhanced regional cooperation to strengthen national practice. All presentations are available online

During the Expert Meeting, the discussion on forced displacement statistics continued through a dedicated thematic session with presentations from Italy, Uzbekistan and Hungary, all of which highlighted the added value of the EGRISS Recommendations as inspiration and technical guidance for the work undertaken in their national contexts. At the meeting’s conclusion, it was recommended for the group to merge with its sister Group of Experts on Population and Housing Censuses given synergies of work and overlapping membership, presenting an important opportunity to formalize the inclusion of work on forced displacement and statelessness in the region.