Citizen Generated Data

The Collaborative on Citizen Data was set up in April 2023, at the 4th UN World Data Forum in Hangzhou, China, with support from the UN Secretary General and various member states, for the purpose of advancing the sustainable coordination, production and use of citizen data for impact, fostering collaboration among civil society, national statistical systems, academia and other relevant stakeholders.

The Collaborative was created after an Expert Group Meeting on Harnessing data by citizens for public policy and SDG monitoring: a conceptual framework organized by the UNSD in November 2022 and a request raised by the 54th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission in Feb-March 2023 to establishing a conceptual framework on citizen contributions to data.

In September 2023, the group met in Copenhagen in a convention titled ‘Citizen Contributions to Data: A Conceptual Framework’ to advance the framework. EGRISS joined the conversation, stressing the importance of adopting an inclusive Citizen Generated Data (CGD) definition that encompasses forcibly displaced and stateless individuals.

At the 55th UN Statistical Commission in 2024, the Copenhagen Framework on Citizen Data was presented, within item 4.c Data and indicators for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The final framework is planned to be submitted in March 2025.

EGRISS is taking part in this process in order to strengthen its focus on refugees, IDP, statelessness, based on the experience gathered and learn from peers who have advanced statistical inclusion using citizen generated data.

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