GAIN Survey

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The EGRISS Global Annual Inclusion Survey (GAIN) aims to monitor statistical projects related to refugees, individuals in need of international protection, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and statelessness within national data systems and/or using the international recommendations produced by EGRISS. 

As an annual survey, it enables EGRISS to monitor the use of the International Recommendations, indentify challenges countries face and inform upcoming priorities for the group. Initiated in 2021, the survey captured data on projects related to the IRRS and IRIS during its first two rounds, with findings summarized in the Expert Groups’ 2021 and 2022 Annual Reports. 

2023 marks an expansion of the survey’s ambition in terms of both scope and coverage. The 2023 GAIN Survey aims to offer a more comprehensive understanding of how official statistics on refugees, IDPs, and stateless populations are generated by reaching out beyond the EGRISS member-base. Explore the 2020-2023 results for the GAIN survey by accessing the results dashboard.

Global dissemination of the GAIN Survey will take place every 4 years, facilitated by the UN Statistical Division. In addition, the third round of the survey will also monitor projects on Statelessness Statistics and IROSS, in addition to refugees and IDPs that have been covered in previous years. 

The survey is designed for respondents from organizations producing or coordinating national statistics as well as practitioners from local/regional/international organizations supporting these efforts.

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