Implementation progress

EGRISS’ actively works to support the implementation of the International Recommendations on Refugee, IDP and Statelessness Statistics (IRRS, IRIS and IROSS). To better achieve this objective, monitoring the use of the recommendations and systematically capturing lessons learnt from country-level implementation has become increasingly important. This is key to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, inform future revisions of the international recommendations and further the achievement of the Expert Group’s overall goal to improve national and international refugee, internally displaced persons and statelessness statistics. 

Find out more about how the recommendations are used, read country case studies and learn about EGRISS’ efforts to monitor global progress. 

Global overview

This section presents the global overview of implementation of the recommendations.

Country case studies

EGRISS is continuosly capturing examples on implementation of the recommendations at country level.

Statistical inclusion pledge

Multi-Stakeholder pledge on statistical inclusion leading up to the Global Refugee Forum. 

GAIN survey

Global Annual Inclusion Survey to monitor statistical projects and use of the recommendations.