Internal Displacement and Responses at the Global Level: A Review of the Scholarship

Journal/Publisher: IDRP Working Paper Series, University of London

This paper reviews the scholarship that addresses internal displacement. It begins by describing the main trends in internal displacement globally, providing data from IDMC and UNHCR. The paper further highlights the challenges related to the production of IDP statistics and the establishment of the Expert Group on Refugee, IDP and Statelessness Statistics (EGRISS) as well as the development of the International Recommendations on IDP Statistics (IRIS) as a response to some of these challenges.

The paper then examines the scholarship on internal displacement in the fields of law and policy, social sciences and humanities, and finally in the area of medicine and health. The study ends by providing conclusions on existing research on the topic and identifying new areas for future research.




International Recommendations on Refugee Statistics (IRRS)